North Kiteboarding Club


Choose your spot. There you'll find information for each package.


In Thailand you`ll find us at these  3 spots: Hua HinPhuket and Chumphon.

Hua Hin hosts our mainspot. The authentic city with its long sandy beaches is well known as the no.1  Kitespot in Thailand. You`ll find best windy conditions here! Season starts  in October and ends in May.

Also the well-known holiday island of Phuket offers choices for kiting. We`re present there all year around and choosed the best spot for you.

In November and December Chumphon offers another option for kiting. Wind here depends strongly from the annual monsoon which makes the season short.

Each Spots offers various complete package deals  inclusive transfer from Bangkok, accommodations in all catergories, teaching or rentals with always new North Kiteboarding-Equipment & a great time with like- minded people.