North Kiteboarding Club


In General

All our courses take place from 2-4 participants per instructor. Students will rotate for better learning results. Depending on your talent or pre-existing experience with sports as windsurfing, power kiting, wake boarding each student learns differently fast. We always give our best efforts for your maximum success. Do not mind when you are not 100% independently kiting after your instructors course. If you decide to continue with rentals or schooling,you`ll make progress with us. You`re looking for individual courses or package deals ? Just click our packages or send us a request.

Introduction Course Euro 100,-

6 hours Kitesurfing always fascinated you or ou just saw it on the beach? The Discovery Course is perfect for getting the basic knowlegde and first introductions into kitesurfing. We show you this in a 100% safe way! If you realize that kitesurfing is your sports you want to continue after the Introduction Course for sure you have the opportunity to extend for the 2. and 3. Day.

2 Day Course Euro 200,-

12 hours (2 days per 6 hours) To learn kitesurfing it’s needed to get known to the basics in theory and practise by an experienced instructor to get up on your board independently. Kitesurfing is a funsport! Like in every other sport there are some risks left! It’s needed to have good fundamental skills. We show and teach you the skills and principles which are needed to operate kitesurfing totally safe. Citinously kitesurfing develops further and further. Safety everytime comes first! The 2 Day Course is a detailed beginner course. In main in these 2 days you will learn everything to continue for yourself in a safe way. IKO-Licence After every course we will hand you out your own IKO-Membercard licence with your reached level. It’s a proof that you have partaken succesfully. With the IKO Licence in every IKO Center you can rent out epuipment and improve your level all over the world.


1. Day

  • Basic knowledge about wind and weather
  • Safety rules
  • Spot introduction
  • Setup and Storage of the kite
  • Safety systems of the kite
  • Basic steering with the trainerkite
  • Launching and Landing the kite
  • Flying the kite controlled
  • Self rescue


2. Day

  • Relaunching the kite out of the water
  • Intensice pre-exercise without board: controlling the pressure of the kite in the water (bodydrag)
  • Generate additional power with the kite (power and depower)
  • First waterstarts with the kiteboard
  • Pick up pace
  • Steering the board
  • Going upwind
  • Changing direction

Extra Day Euro 100,-

6 hours

  • You completed the beginner course but you don’t feel 100% safe to go alone in the water.
  • You did some lessons before but you need some refreshing.
  • You can steer the kite without problems but the last step to get up on the board is missing.
  • You have problems to continue riding, going upwind or come to a controlled stop.
Then the Extra Day should be your choice! The Extra Day is tailored just for your level. It doesn’t matter what your problems are, we try to help you fixing them, so you can go on the water independently.

Private Lesson Euro 60,-

1 hour It doesn't matter in which direction you want to improve your skills, your own personal instructor will support you. Coming up on the board, going upwind or learning how to jump. It is your own individual lesson!